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Christy Mangano is one of about 300 Canadian Realtors holding the ASA designation.  When working with our team you can be assured you have the best available knowledge and experience representing your interests.  Christy Mangano has taken the courses and has the exprerience necessary to represent the mature and seniors market with expertise, uncomparable in the industry.  We understand the concerns and special needs of this market and provide a transitional management service.  We know that selling your lifetime home is not about sticking a for sale sign on your lawn.  We walk you throught the process, whether it be a month or several years. We put your best interest FIRST. 

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We are not here to "sell" you.  We would rather "counsel" you to make the right choices for you.  Please contact us for your free in home consultation to speak about your various options and how we can help.  You will never leave us feeling pressured or "sold"....... just educated.

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