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A changing market

As Realtors, the most common question we regularly get asked is "how's the housing market in London"?  It seems to be at the top of everyone's concern.  What looms in the future for us as current homeowners or buyers cautious about taking that next step, is something that no one can answer with 100% accuracy.  There are many factors to consider regarding the current market statistics.  What type of home do you own, what price range is it in, where is is located and so on and so on.  There are many types of properties which are still in very high demand and others that we are seeing a longer than usual days on market.  Generally we are seeing a fairly balanced market.  Some people are concerned that if they buy today, it is going to be worth less tomorrow.  Many think that possibly we will see the 15% price drop such as the much different Toronto market. The safest way to understand today's market is to get the facts.  We offer free reports on current market statistics at any time upon request.  We want to offer peace of mind to consumers and have them make knowledgeable decisions about their future that they can feel good about.  If you would like us to send you updated market reports, please drop us an email and we will keep you current with updated quarterly market reports.  If you just want to throw a question at us, we're here for that too.
Published Monday, October 22, 2012 1:58 PM by Christy Mangano

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