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A message to our Seniors

This winter has brought some hard struggles for many of us.  The winter blues, the snow, the ice, the cold, the FREEZING cold.  I have a hard enough time myself.  Did I mention I hate to wear boots! Grocery shopping is a challenge.....pushing that shopping cart, using all my might to get it through the snow and slush with 30km/hour winds gusting in the opposite direction.  Hibernating in my house with the fires burning afraid to look outside for fear of dreadful disappointment.  But this is me, and I am young and healthy and have a family of support in my home.  It is my senior clients that I think of on a daily basis, wondering how they are making out.  This is my thoughts coming to you and thinking of you, praying that it will be the last shovel of the season for you.  That you have family and friends to help you do the chore of household shopping in arctic temperatures, and that you have people around to warm your heart when the days get long and lonely.  

This is a time that many start to think about their options for retirement living.  When the thought of going through another winter is something you don't want to bear, it is time to look at what's out there.  There are seniors options that enable a high quality of life for every budget.  It is so important to be educated on the options and selections we have here in London and find opportunities that are right for you.  Life is for living...not for suffering. Let's have a coffee and chat.

Published Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:05 PM by Christy Mangano

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